Newry’s Water Supply Mixed With Anti-Depressants & Pain Killers

Glass filled with drinking water from tap, isolated on the white background.

Tap water in the Newry and surrounding council areas is contaminated with 17% Anti-Depressants and 8% Pain Killers it has been revealed today.

The council made the move last week in an experiment to see if by putting the two drugs in the water system it would make life more bearable for the people who live in Newry.

They have put most concentrated drugs through the taps of areas such as Burren, Derrybeg, Parkhead and Crossmaglen in an effort to reduce the DLA claimants for depression from living in such dumps.

A Council spokesman told Newry Spud:

“It has been a huge success. The people didn’t realise they were drinking contaminated water as both dugs are tasteless so they were drinking tea, coffee and water and all the time it was making their minds okay with the fact they live in such dumps, we will be rolling the scheme throughout all parts of the greater Armagh and Down areas.”