Newry’s Mary Street To Be New Mad Max Film Location

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Newry’s Mary Street will be the location for the new Mad Max film it has been revealed today.  The location scouts for the blockbuster movie franchise settled with Mary Street after searching the world for an area that would fit the bill for the film’s somewhat dystopian feel.

One of the story writers George Miller told Newry Spud:

“We settled on Mary Street as soon as we saw it to be honest. We particularly love the feel of desolation and destruction that engulfs the area. I personally fell in love with the location instantly. We were there last Saturday and I wanted to start filming immediately when the local people were visiting the sparse and desolate market that was seemingly open. It was totally desolate and utterly dire.”

A spokesman for Newry Council said:

“It’s a great boost to the local community, we are proud to be connected with the Mad Max franchise even though it is in a somewhat negative light, but one has to admit, this street is truly the black hole of Calcutta in terms of Newry’s ghettos.”