Sun. Feb 28th, 2021
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The youths of Derrybeg, Parkhead, Carnaget and Parkhead were quick to condemn English and Russian football supporters for a ‘lacklustre’ and ‘poorly planned’ approach to their violence in Marseille over the weekend.

Eamonn Wright, 19, from Derrybeg, who is a key player in the Derrybeg riot team, said he was unimpressed with what he witnessed on TV.

“It was poorly executed”, said Wright.

“I didn’t see any evidence of organisation via social media from either side and there appeared to be complete lack of any plan of action. This clearly manifested itself in an absence of any meaningful or comprehensive damage and theft. I hate to say it, but their approach was amateurish.”

Wright has subsequently set up the NRA (Newry Riot Advisory) which provides bespoke consultancy services to individuals and groups looking to commit violent public disturbances.

Wright concluded:

“The authorities in France have been in touch to ask whether we can provide future support and guidance for their hooligans which we’d be delighted to do.”

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