Newry Woman’s Fanny Like A Wizard’s Sleeve After Giving Birth To Octuplets – Report


A Newry woman has given birth to octuplets (That’s EIGHT) babies without the aid of a C Section leaving doctors both amazed and slightly amused.

The woman who wishes to remain anonymous said that she always wanted a natural birth and refused all advice of medical staff at Daisy Hill Hospital who advised it would be safer for her and the babies if she used the C Section method.

We spoke to the mother today and she told Newry Spud:

“I am absolutely delighted to have these eight little miracles in my life, it was such a hard pregnancy but I am just delighted it is all over me now.”

But the surgeons and midwifes at Daisy Hill told us how they couldn’t believe any human could withstand such an ordeal.  Chief surgeon Adrian Armstrong said:

“She went against our advice and while she had a successful delivery her fanny is now like Gandalf the Wizard’s sleeve. Amazing, you could put a small family car up there now.”