Wed. Nov 25th, 2020

A Newry woman who we reported on back in October about her ‘Hole Obsession’ has opened a new fitness centre in the city to ‘help all Newry women achieve the perfect hole just like her’ she has claimed.

Tanya ‘Thunder Hole’ McEvoy who opened the new Pilates Fix Studio Newry (Click here to visit her Facebook Page) has taken her obsession with the perfect arse to the masses.

We spoke with Tanya today from her studio and she told us:

“After the Newry Spud story last year I’ve had so many girls asking me ‘Tanya, how do you get a hole like yours?’ and after a lot of soul searching and serious squats I realised the only way to show the women of Newry how to get an arse like mine is to open up my own studio. So, come along ladies and get the squats on baah.”

Tanya’s amazing new studio is on Mill Street, ladies get your hole in gear (pun intended) and give Tanya a call 07915 567641.

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