Newry Woman Who Calls Herself ‘Bubbly’ On Dating Website Actually Just Obese


It has emerged that Newry woman Lisa Fatspatrick who has recently signed up to several dating websites such as POF and dating apps like Tinder calls herself ‘bubbly’ which is actually just code for fat.

We caught up with Lorraine in McCooey’s Cafe where she was enjoying two of their value fry boxes and she explained everything to us:

“Yeah, I put down that I have a ‘bubbly personality’ and enjoy walks on the beach. Truth is I haven’t seen a beach since I went to Warrenpoint as a child in the 1980’s. My profile picture is also bit of a lie, it was taken from above to disguise my 5 chins and is heavily fucking filtered, but I hope to find my true love soon, I’m getting sick of using my rabbit.”