Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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A woman from Newry who just tagged herself in at Daisy Hospital was just calling into the shop in the entrance area for a packet of fegs and a Kit Kat we can reveal.

Lisa CryWolf tagged herself in a post at Daisy Hill Hospital with a sad face and no other concerning information to help her Facebook friends understand what was her reasoning for being in the hospital.

We spoke with Lisa and she told us:

“I was only calling in to grab fegs and a KitKat as I couldn’t be arsed parking at Savages when I saw an opportunity to collect some likes on my Facebook.

Obviously I waited until I got at least 12 posts asking ‘U ok babes?xxx’ and ‘PM me hun xoxox’ then I just deleted the post and didn’t tell anyone there was absolutely fuck all wrong with me. But on the plus side, I got around 14 likes and 15 comments, so a productive day really.”

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