Thu. Feb 25th, 2021
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A Newry woman has said she is taking ‘Newry Kebabish’ to Court after she claims she ‘Sharted’ (A fart that follows through) after eating one of their Chicken Tikka Kebabs.

Elaine SlurryHole told Newry Spud:

“I was out for a few drinks with the girls and fancied a wee kebab so I went to Newry Kebabish for a chicken tikka kebab. I only finished it and got a taxi to go home, I felt a little wind coming so I went to sneak a fart out and before I knew it half of my guts were in my knickers and down my legs. I was mortified, God love the taxi man too, he didn’t know where to look.”

But a Newry Kebabish spokesman told us:

“It has nothing to do with the quality of our kebabs. She obviously had a dodgy stomach and a chicken tikka kebab is hardly something you want to be eating in her condition.”

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