Newry Woman On BBC’s Dragon’s Den With ‘Baby Mop’


A Newry single mother has appeared on this year’s BBC Two programme Dragon’s Den she has revealed.

Claire Fatspatrick appeared on the show filmed in London and due to be aired next month showcasing her amazing new invention.

Claire has come up with a new baby suit that has cleaning pads attached so the baby cleans the floors while crawling around leaving mom’s more time to watch Jeremy Kyle and have a few fegs and a cup of tea.

Claire told Newry Spud:

“It just hit me one day, why don’t I put cleaning pads on my 5 month of McKenzie and when he’s arsing around he can clean the house at same time. It really is a simple idea but one that will now earn me millions. So look out in local shops for the Newry Baby Mop.”