Sun. Jan 17th, 2021


A Facebook user from Newry has spent the last six months only communicating online through the medium of memes and cryptic inspirational quotes it’s been revealed.

Martina Faloon, who first shared a meme back in December and managed to pick up a few likes, proceeded to share one or two a day, before eventually making memes her primary language.

“No matter what mood she’s in, she manages to find a fucking meme to express it”, said Martina’s Facebook friend Sinead Murphy who didn’t want to be named.

She continued: “I’m a psychologist by trade, and I think this is a little like the ‘sock puppet’ syndrome. Young kids find it easier to express their feelings by talking with a sock over their hand. I think these memes are Martina’s sock, metaphorically speaking.”

Martina was unavailable for comment as her statement contained too many characters to fit in a standard meme image.

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