Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

A Newry woman has been admitted to Daisy Hill hospital for a suspected stroke after her post threatening a ‘Facebook cull’ didn’t go according to plan we can reveal.

The 34 year old attention seeker took to Facebook to tell her 137 friends whom she has only ever met 6 in real life that ‘Its that time of the year again. Facebook cull, sorry if you haven’t made the cut.”

However 78% of her ‘friends’ automatically deleted her before she could delete them causing her to fall victim of a stroke.

The woman spoke to Newry Spud from her hospital bed:

“Fuck I never saw thon coming Baah. I only had 137 friends on Facebook to begin with, I wasn’t going to cull any of them, I just needed to feel wanted. Please add me.”

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