Newry Woman: “I Put On 32 Stone With Slim Fast Shakes”

Fat LadyA Newry woman is suing a slimming company for £96 million after claiming that their slimming shakes made her put on 32 stone.

Grainne Hughes, from Derrybeg, claimed that instead of losing her weight, it actually made her even bigger. She told Newry Spud:

“I saw one of their adverts in Chat magazine and my husband told me that I’d put on a bit of blubber. I’d been putting on pound after pound after pound. I couldn’t understand it – I always had a Diet Coke when I went to Friar Tuck’s for my Snack Box every lunchtime.”

Grainne started taking the slimming shakes last month in a bid to halt the weight gain.

“So I’ve been having one with my breakfast, one with my mid-morning snack, one with my lunch, one with my afternoon snack, one with my tea and one with my nightly takeaway. It’s a blatant contravention of the Trade Description Act – I’m now so big that I can’t even lift my fat arm to lift my remote control.

But husband, Peader, who advised her not to buy the slimming shakes, told Newry Spud:

“She’s an eating machine. She says that it’s all related to her childhood but judging by the photos, she was a greedy big bollix back then too.”