Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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A Newry woman has reacted angrily and has put any future sexual relations with her husband on hold ‘for the foreseeable future’ after he foolishly answered her question ‘How do I look in this outfit?’

The episode occurred at the couple’s home in Newry on Saturday when she had just finished applying her third coat of face foundation and had put on her new outfit she purchased from the Gasp Boutique in the Quay’s shopping centre.

The victim asked her husband ‘Babe, how does this outfit look?’ it was at this juncture things got messy.

The husband who cannot be named for legal reasons told Newry Spud:

“I told her she had put on a few pounds and it really showed around the hips of the outfit, I was just being helpful but she burst into an explosive outrage with tears and uncontrollable sobbing. I felt horrible but she asked for the truth so I didn’t want to lie.”

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