A money conscious Newry woman is publicly demanding another son from her husband in order to reuse the clothes of the elder sibling again.

Mary WideFlapps told Newry Spud:

 “My 2 year old Tommy is already growing out of his clothes, what do you expect me to do? Throw the clothes away? We do not believe in charity, these clothes will be used by my son, then by his younger sibling. After that I will use them to make clothes for the dog. You have no idea how much we can save from this,” she added.

The poor husband Peader from Mourneview Park told Newry Spud:

“She’s mad for the ride. I have tried the ‘I am just not in the mood’ formula to neutralize her sexual advances. But it hasn’t worked. I am not a baby-making machine, she should stop looking at me like a sex object,” said Peader.