Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

A high profile row has erupted within a local cycling club we can reveal.

Newry Spud has put an undercover agent within ‘Newry Wheelers Club’ and we have uncovered an internal row over the use of the ‘Team Car’.

The team car which according to club rules ‘should only be used for team racing or practice’ has been used by a member and his wife for ‘personal and social use’.

Barry Monaghan and his wife Paula have been seen using the car for shopping and school runs prompting Team Leader Drew ‘Fucking’ McKinley to hit out.

Drew told Newry Spud:

“This is a fucking cunt of a situation. I’m not too fucking sure what to cunting do about it for fuck sake. At present I have suspended Mr Monaghan from the fucking team and we hope this sends out a clear fucking message that using the cunting team car for personal use is fucking unacceptable.”

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