Newry Twins Upset With ‘FaceSwap’ App

Two attractive positive smiling young men twins isolated

A pair of twins is demanding a refund after their FaceSwap app proved to be pointless.

Shane and Liam Smith bought the FaceSwap app from the Apple App store last week. The pair tried out their new app last night but found that it was a pile of shit.

Shane told Newry Spud:

“We thought we’d get a laugh by putting some funny photos on Facebook. Not many people like us but lots of our friends are well-liked because they keep posting funny pictures to Facebook. We splashed out on this new app but we were thoroughly disappointed with the results.

We looked exactly the same as we do when we haven’t swapped faces. I’ve decided that I’m going to write to the Newry Reporter about this and if they don’t do anything, I’m going to go to some bigger papers. They can’t keep making money out of people and not providing the service they promise.”