Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

The editors of the two local news websites are to have a ‘fair dig’ in a UFC style octagon we can reveal.

Paul Malone of ‘Newry Times’ and Columba O’Hare from ‘’ have agreed to ‘settle the score’ and go toe to toe in the steel cage that will be erected outside the Newry Leisure Centre on Saturday.

There has been bad blood brewing for some time now according to our sources in both camps and the fight is said to be highly anticipated in journalism circles.

We spoke with Columba O’Hare of who told us:

“Newry Times think they are great because they were doing what I’m trying to do for like years and years before me but that doesn’t necessarily make them better than me. We do cutting edge things like death notices on our Facebook page that’s the kind of forward thinking we have at”

Meanwhile Paul Malone from Newry Times told us:

“I’m the younger, fitter fighter. I will slap Columba so many times with the right he’ll be begging for a left. Anyway, everyone knows that Newry Spud is the real news and current affairs website for Newry.”

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