Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

A Newry teenager said he is in ‘deep shock’ after learning that ‘kitchen fairies’ don’t come into the kitchen at night-time when he’s sound asleep and clean & dry the dishes that he ‘steeps’ in stone cold water and leaves there.

According to statistics most men and teenagers in Newry think that putting a few millimetres of cold water into a bowl, dish or saucepan after they use it that kitchen fairies swoop in and do the rest, clean and dry, then put them away neatly in the cupboard.

We spoke with the man in question Liam LazyBalls and he told us:

“So, basically what you’re telling me is that, it’s my Ma that does all the magic stuff? Like cleans and dries the shit I leave in my wake? Fuck. I genuinely thought it was the kitchen fairies. That’s mad baah.”

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