Fri. Nov 27th, 2020


A Newry tattoo artist has said he will no longer tattoo any inspirational quotes in English.

‘Tattoo’s by Keato’ on lower Catherine street has said he will be reverting to using obscure Chinese writing in the future as he can no longer deal with the mind numbing trite sentimental inspirational quotes he is asked to do day in day out.

Most of the quotes tattooed spelling isn’t exact and the grammar is indefensible.

But Neil Keatings the CEO of ‘Tattoos By Keato’ told Newry Spud:

“I’m an inker, not a writer. When the fashion changed from tribal to words I just transcribed all the motivational pictures that you get on Facebook.

“They’ve became very popular once I stopped tattooing ‘Like – Comment – Share’ underneath.”

Mr Keatings finished by saying:

“If you come to me asking for some bullshit quote like ‘Only God can judge me’ you’ll be getting it done in Chinese, when I say Chinese, I mean I’ll be using some Chinese writing I have on a menu from Ken’s.”


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