Newry Spud has been contacted by the Clown Anti-Defamation Council, the body that looks after all UK & Ireland’s Clowns after they became aware of our story about Willie Frazer joining Duffys Circus as a Clown, a story we broke back on the 25th of May Original Clown Story HERE.

In a letter Citing “permanent damage to the reputation of clowns the world over,” the Clown Anti-Defamation Council demanded that we remove the story from our website because “he’s making us all look like fools.”

The statement signed at the bottom in large red crayon by “JETRO THE CLOWN” contained numerous statements from other Clowns whose profession has been hurt in large by our story linking Clowns with Willie Frazer.

We spoke with one Clown called ‘CoCo’ and he told Newry Spud:

“I’m now on anti-depressants because when we were doing a show last week I heard one little child in the front row say to his parents, “Look Daddy, there’s Willie Frazer” I was so upset to be likened to that moron.”

CoCo The Clown finished by telling us:

“This is a pie-in-the-face moment for the industry; I don’t want to be seen as some bigoted bozo. Frazer is not one of us. We juggle, we tell jokes, we fall on our holes and we take a pie in the face; just for a couple quid and a life without a desk job.”

“He’s not even a jester,” added Coco. “He’s a joke of a clown, and I’ll keep repeating that until I’m white in the face!”


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