Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

ep4f (22)

The SDLP will sensationally re-position itself today in Newry by re-launching itself as a Folk Band.

The Band will be known as ‘All Directions’ in line with current party policy and will feature lead singer Karen McKevitt, Dominic Bradley on fiddle, Justin McNulty on the spoons and Gary Stokes on the bodhrán.

Margaret Ritchie MP will become the band’s one and only ‘groupie’.

Seamus Mallon while adopting a Simon Cowell/Svengali type role will be the band’s Tour Manager.

Their new single will be a cover of The Bone’s ‘Stuck in the Mud’ which replaces the planned cover version of Alice Cooper’s ‘I Wanna Be Elected’ from the band’s debut album entitled ‘Zero Hopes.’

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