Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

The PSNI in Newry are looking for what they have described as an ‘absolute villain’ who was allowed into traffic by another motorist but did not flash the hazard lights at least twice to show recognition of the selfless act.

Police can only tell us that the driver was between 25-40 years of age was a white male wearing a GAA hoodie or something.

We spoke with the driver who let the absolute monster out into the traffic queue and she told us:

“I felt sorry for the man sitting waiting to get out into the traffic. When I had flashed the lights at him to let him out I waiting expectantly for the obligatory flash of his hazard lights and nothing, not even a fucking wave or nod of the head in his rear view mirror. I’m OK now but they had to send the local doctor out to give me a light to medium sedative.”

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