Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
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A report from popular messenger platform WhatsApp has claimed that if you’re from south Armagh your Newry friends have no clue what to fuck you’re talking about in a group chat we can reveal.

A few brave Newry people came forward to tell WhatsApp about the problems with south Armagh people in ‘Group Chats’ when they ‘start talking that weird culchie stuff’.

One Newry group chat user told us:

“I’m in a group chat which is mostly made up of farmers, red diesel smugglers and general morons from south Armagh. When they start that ‘Fein’ and ‘Beure’ shit talk I might as well be in a group chat full of Russian speakers.

Why cant they just use proper English, you know laak the way we do here in Newry baaah?”

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