Sun. Jan 17th, 2021


There has been widespread shock and horror at the appointment of new Santa Claus in Newry.

Local gallivant and keen cyclist Marty ‘Bog-Roll’ has been giving the task of keeping the children of the Newry area happy in his role of the red suited kiddie lover.

One shocked mother told our reporter Danny Elfman “I can’t believe this. I have nothing against Marty per say but is he really the best Father Christmas we can get?”

The Buttercrane Facebook has been inundated with complaints from parents, “He made my 11-year-old son cry as he basically told him he was being greedy for asking for a laptop, iPad, iPhone and a petrol 50CC Quad.”

When little Jessie McBride went to visit Marty ‘Bog-Roll’ her mom claims, “she got to the front of the queue and there was ‘Bog-Roll’ dressed as Santa Clause and he turned round and said she was too old to visit Santa and go get a life.”

There was another reported incident that happened last Wednesday.  Reports suggest ‘Bog Roll’ while still in his Santa costume got on his bike outside the Buttercrane, face planted, tried to ride away on his bike, face planted again, argued with the PSNI for over a minute, was handcuffed, and eventually taken away in a Police Landrover.

PSNI spokesman Billy Balls said “We can confirm that Santa was arrested in Newry last Wednesday after a brief affray with officers.”

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