Tue. Jan 19th, 2021

Newry Orangemen will mix things up during their parade tomorrow their Grand Wizard has announced today.

The Imperial Grand Wizard Ivan Malcomson told Newry Spud:

“We have flown in ‘Grooverider’ the Drum & Base artist to lead the bands. Instead of the old standards like ‘The Sash’ Grooverider will be laying down some dope ass beats such as ‘Where’s Jack The Ripper’, ‘Starbase 23’ and the epic standard ‘Rivers Of Congo’.”

The move is seen as very progressive and will perhaps bring out some Nationalists to the parade. Sinn Fein Councillor, Liz Kimmins told us:

“It’s a move that has to be welcomed. I personally will be attending the parade as I am a long-time fan of ‘Grooverider’ and the genre of Drum and Base. I don’t mind if he mixes up The Sash with some of his banging tunes such as ‘Fly with Me’, ‘Darklands’ and my favourite dope lyrical rhyme ‘Stone Killa’.”

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