Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

The businessman behind 2013’s ‘Newry On Ice’ has reached out to the Newry community to ask for any keen workers who would like to take an ‘Unpaid role’ with them we can reveal.

Phillip Gaffney the mastermind behind the ‘Newry On Ice Winter Wonderland’ has said because of the amount of money he made the last time in Newry he would expect ‘another great experience’ for the people of the city.

Gaffney spoke to Newry Spud from his private island and said:

“The last time I came to Newry I left with my pockets bulging with money, so much so, I had to employ a Securicor van from the venue to the bank.

I’m looking young people, preferably vulnerable so I can take the absolute piss out of them. In return you will get very cold while working for nothing.”

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