Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

After her 34 year-old son Peadar moved out and got a job at Friar Tuck’s, Social Services decided to investigate his mother, Lisa, for possible child neglect and abandonment.

“A neighbour saw Peadar working as a server in Friar Tuck’s, and she freaked out,” explained Lisa, whose son was, until recently, living with her rent free. “When he told her he was living in a rented flat, she got even more frantic and contacted Social Services on me.”

When authorities showed up at Lisa’s house, they immediately quizzed her about her fitness as a mother, demanding to know whether she had abdicated responsibility for any of her other adult children besides Peadar.

“They couldn’t believe I allowed Peadar to move out and start his own life, but they were absolutely appalled when I told them I don’t even pay his mobile phone bill anymore.”

When asked to comment, Social Services replied in an email:

“Our top priority is Peadar’s safety. We are concerned about him living in a flat with a substandard Wi-Fi connection. How is he supposed to binge-watch Netflix in that sort of environment? It’s scandalous.”

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