Newry men spend an average of 68 years of their life waiting for their woman to ‘get ready to go out’.

These are the shocking figures that have been revealed after recent survey into domestic habits.

Professor Quinn from the University of Ulster, who organised the survey, told Newry Spud:

“It’s a well-established fact that women take longer than men to get ready when they are going out because they need a lot more work to make themselves presentable to the public. But this survey shows the true extent of the problem. We think that the problem is exacerbated by the fact that women keep giving their partners hope that ‘they’ll be ready in two minutes’. It gives the lads false hope and he is almost always let down.”

One of the participants, Mickey Armstrong who didn’t want to be named, told Newry Spud:

“When we go to Five Ways, I specifically ask my girlfriend if she’s ready so that I can get the car ready. She says yes and then I end up sitting in the car for four hours while she does her face and getting the plastic bags that I’d forgotten to put in the car four hours earlier.”

The survey also showed that:

  • Women are more likely to make love to their partner if he/she does the dishes as they go along if they are cooking a meal.
    • Dirty kitchen tops are the cause of 100% arguments in Newry households.