Wed. Jan 20th, 2021


Today is the International Toilet Day set out by the UN and Newry men have pledged they will do their part for the world recognition of toilets they have said.

The UN have the ‘Toilet Day’ to spread awareness of hygiene standards in third world countries but the men folk of Newry are taking part in the day to give their wife’s or girlfriends a break from having to sit on their piss covered toilet seats and have pledge to improve their aim while going to the toilet today.

One Newry man told Newry Spud:

“I think it’s only fair we take part in this day of international importance. Usually when I need a pee I just throw the lad out and where ever it lands it lands, I’m not really worried how close it goes to the toilet as long as it’s there or there abouts, my woman cleans it up anyway and plus I get a good laugh when she sits on it by mistake and gets a wet hole.”

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