Newry man Paul Garvey might just be the most fertile man on the planet.

The man who was introduced to doctor Minhaj Hussain of the University of Ulster by a fellow practitioner who was fascinated by the case of his own patient in 2015, could have what some scientists claim to be the most potent sperm in the planet.

Overnight, the man who had lived in abject poverty all his life became a pharmaceutical superstar.

It all began when Paul, who was born with a rare genetic disposition called trimorphis testiculari, went to see his local doctor in Corn Market to lament about his particular condition, complaining that many of his ex-partners were accusing him of making them pregnant even though he wore a condom.

What at first seemed a bad joke proved to be true as 9 girls were met by the same doctor. They all declared the same strange story.

“My friend practitioner went to the microscope and discovered not only that Paul’s sperm was more than a 100 times smaller than average sperm, making the use of any type of condom completely useless, but also that his sperm count was multiplied by a similar number and his sperm potency averaged 99.99%, rates never before seen in the history of modern medicine” explains doctor Minhaj Hussain.

Newry Spud spoke to Paul today from his newly bought £3.8 million mansion he told us:

“It is truly a great story of human will, that as high the goal you set for yourself in life, with a little perseverance, the sky is the limit. I had no idea that I was literally sitting on a gold mine all my life with my sperm being a modern medical miracle. All this happened because of the grace of God . I am eternally thankful.”