Newry Man Watches ‘Making A Murderer’ Becomes Expert in US Law


A Newry man is making waves after signing a petition to have Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey whom he believes to be wrongfully imprisoned released.

“People on Facebook and in Grounded just couldn’t stop talking about these poor men put in jail in America. So I got myself on to Netflix and couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the TV,” exclaimed David Sloan on Wednesday morning.

Sloan went on to say, “Every man is entitled to a fair trial by a jury of peers and there’s no way in hell Steven and his nephew Brendan got that!”

A furious Sloan added:

“The whole system over there and how the two men were treated seemed fishy and I immediately took to Facebook to express and show my outrage at the American Justice System on which I am now a self-appointed expert in.”

Soon after finishing the series on Netflix Sloan immediately went to to sign the petition to release the two men.