Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

A Newry man has used his wife’s most expensive body wash and hair shampoo this-morning in the shower prompting her to reconsider their 15 year long marriage we can reveal.

Mark McManus simply ‘couldn’t help’ using the beautifully packaged and fresh smelling ‘Marc Jacobs Decadence’ a £33 bottle of shower gel that Mrs McManus only uses for ‘special occasions’.

We spoke with Mark from the naughty step where he is firmly perched and he told us:

“I’m fucking sick if using Lynx baah. Since Christmas I’ve 374 bottles of it under the kitchen sink. I just saw her Marc Jacobs bottle and thought to myself ‘fuck it’ and I indulged myself. To make it worse I used her £22 bottle of Paul Mitchell hair shampoo. On the Brightside I smell fucking claaa baah.”

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