Man Still Proud Of Amount Of Women He ‘Shifted’ At Hilltown Disco In 1995

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A man from Newry is still painfully smug about the number of women he shifted at the Hilltown Disco in 1995, it’s been revealed.

Simon Davidson, now an office supplies salesman, claims to have shifted all of the female attendees.

“I was the alpha male, a real leader of the pack”, Simon recounted to his work colleagues. “I wore a NASA jacket. Combine that with green hair gel and a pair of Kickers and a large amount of Cool Water aftershave and you’re essentially a machine, which is what I was. A well-oiled machine of some description”.

Claiming to have “shifted” every girl who attended, including ‘a girl called Caroline with braces and a club foot’, Davidson still refers to his apparent achievement at work events, in the pub and to relatives at family gatherings.

“I’m pretty sure that what I achieved at Hilltown Disco will never be matched. Certainly not beaten, that’s for sure.

“I was so on fire I even shifted one of the women in the cloakroom”, he added.