Newry Man Murders Wife Using ‘Dutch Oven’ Say Police


A 39 year-old Newry man was arrested this morning with the manslaughter of his wife via a ‘Dutch Oven’ in their Derrybeg bedroom we can reveal.

Peader O’Hallion who was remanded in custody has maintained his innocence claiming that it was an innocent joke gone ‘horribly wrong’.

O’Hallion told Newry Crown Court:

“It was just a mess a round, I fart in bed all the time and close the duvet over the wife. I never expected it to actually kill her.”

Police say that O’Hallion had eaten a Ken’s Chinese for dinner, and had ‘extra bad gas’ and he used this to kill his wife.

A PSNI officer told the Court:

“He gave her a Dutch oven, which is when you pass gas, and then hold the bedding and covers over your partner’s head, so they are forced to, well, deal with it, as it were. Grainne was killed from the extreme nature of her husband’s gas.”