Newry Man Postpones Entry To Sister Consillio’s Until After Bruce Springsteen’s Concerts


Taking the first difficult step in the battle against alcohol addiction, Newry man Paul Guinness has admitted he is an alcoholic and has made plans to check into Sister Consillio’s alcohol rehabilitation center.

But against the wishes of his family and friends he has carefully scheduled his 3 month stay to begin at the start of June after the conclusion Bruce Springsteen’s 2 concerts in Dublin.

As a huge fan of the Springsteen’s Mr Guinness has carefully scheduled his rehab stay after the second concert to avoid missing the event. During a recent family intervention in which his angry family questioned his commitment to recovery, he commented:

“Thanks to all of you but this is a bad time because I’m running late for a Stag party. But let me assure you I am 100% committed to solving my little alcohol problem without resorting to any extreme life interruptions such as missing a Bruce Springsteen concert.”

Newry fans who attend the two Springsteen concerts are encouraged to meet Mr Guinness and offer words of support.