A Newry man has painted a large blue rectangle in his garden to fool neighbours into thinking that he has a swimming pool if they were to check him out on Google Earth.

Paul Garvey decided to paint the rectangle after snooping on his own neighbours’ houses on the internet.

He told Newry Spud:

“I was being a nosy bastard and having a look to see who had better gardens than me. I got a bit depressed when I realised that they all did and I did think about installing a pool so that mine looked the best. Then I realised the cost of having one installed and got even more depressed. It just so happened that I had some blue paint left over from a friend’s gate I was painting and all of a sudden I had a eureka moment.

It only took me three days to paint the garden and now when I go on Google Earth; it looks like I’ve got the best garden in the town. I just now hope that my neighbours are as nosy as me and stay up late Googling my garden like I did theirs.”

Paul’s wife wasn’t too impressed. She said:

“The man’s an arsehole. If he got off his lazy hole and actually tidied up the garden, it wouldn’t be such an eyesore. It’s worse now that it’s blue than it’s ever been.”