Camlough Man Jailed For Admitting He’d ‘Ride Dot’ From Eastenders


A Camlough man has been jailed for four months after saying in the pub that he wished to have sexual relations with the EastEnders character Dot Cotton.

John Fatspatrick, of Camlough, had told friends in the Trainor’s pub:

“I’d give Dot off of EastEnders one,” Newry Magistrates Court heard.

Fatspatrick sounded suspiciously like a sex pest, as he took a sip from his diet coke and added:

“I don’t see why everyone’s so turned off by her. Given the chance I’d love to ride her, wouldn’t you?”

The prosecutor said Fatspatrick, told police it was ‘a moment of stupidity’ which he regretted.

Defence solicitor Gerard Trainor said Garvey had apologised for his behaviour and feared a prison term.

“He didn’t think it would be taken seriously and the matter was only briefly a topic of conversation for 20 minutes.”