Newry Man Gutted Co-Worker He’s Been Chatting Up Actually A ‘Holy Joe’


A Newry man has said he is ‘very hurt’ and ‘disappointed’ after learning that the co-worker he has been chatting up for months is a real ‘Holy-Joe’.

Stephen McDermott had been chatting to Lisa Quinn both workers in Newry’s Teleperformance call centre and McDermott felt it was going very well until it dawned on him she was licking the altar every day.

Mr McDermott told Newry Spud:

“It’s a real slap in the face. Any rapport I had built with her now seems quite hollow. It turns out all those smiles and the giggles come from a much more sinister place than I had initially thought. I got a better gauge of things when we became friends on Facebook. All of a sudden I was seeing these bizarre quotes from the bible popping up in my newsfeed.”

We spoke to Lisa from Newry Cathederal and she told us:

“I like Stephen as a friend. It would never go any further than that. I have such a devout yet sterile relationship with Jesus Christ.”

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