Anyone from Newry knows the ‘man who works in Louis Boyd’s and tortures you to buy something’ guy.

While most people respect the man‘s talent for sales one Newry man who wishes to remain anonymous took his love for the ‘Louis Boyd guy’ to a different level and got his face tattooed on to his arm.

The anonymous tattooed lunatic spoke to us from ‘Tattoos by Keato’ shop on Lower Catherine Street while getting inked and he said:

“I’m taking my love for Newry and particularly Louis Boyd’s to a new level today. I got my Holy Communion suit there, I got my Confirmation suit there, I got my Formal suit there and I would have got my wedding suit there only my woman done a runner when she heard about this tattoo.”

We contacted Gary Boyd for comment and he said:

“I’m so excited to see the final tattoo, I expect nothing less from the good people of Newry to honour me in this fashion. Talking about fashion, I’ve a lovely shirt and trousers that would suit you rightly boy.”