Thu. Dec 3rd, 2020

An absolute moron from Newry is now well versed in posh twats from Northern Ireland after having to read an old issue of The Ulster Tatler after leaving his mobile phone at home before going to the dentist.

Newry Spud spoke to the gimp who didn’t want to be named:

“Here I am, just dropping in to get two fillings and I’m learning about farmer’s wedding in Tyrone in 2004. Fuck me.”

Reports also suggest there was an old copy of LIFE magazine from 1987 & 3 Bella magazines from 2003.

The absent minded man finished by telling us:

“I thought I could manage the waiting room by reading these obscure out of date magazines but my mind was so fucking numb after reading them that the dentist didn’t even need to freeze my mouth before working on it.”

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