Face Of Jesus Christ Discovered In Friar Tuck’s 2 Piece Chicken Snack Box


A Newry man had the shock of his life when he saw the face of Jesus staring back at him from his Friar Tuck’s Snack Box.

The shocked customer was just about to destroy the 2 Piece Snack Box at the popular Monaghan Street eatery when something stopped him in his tracks. To his amazement, the face of Jesus was ingrained on the crispy skin, sporting long hair, a beard and a surprised expression.

The man told Newry Spud:

“I nearly died when I saw the son of God himself looking up at me with an expression of pure love and understanding for me. I lifted up the piece of Jesus chicken and fucking ate it LOL, I was starving baah so it was a dad day for Jesus to show up in my snack box.”