Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


A romantic Newry man has been dumped by his girlfriend after his iPhone’s auto-correct sent her a message saying ‘I’d like to kick your puppy’ instead of ‘I’d like to lick your pussy’.

The 32 year-old Lothario had been dating Bridie Lynch for two weeks when he thought he’d up the romance stakes by sexting his new lady. Sadly, his phone’s auto-correct brought a swift end to his endeavour and he was dumped shortly after.

He told Newry Spud:

“It was unlucky that she’d recently bought a puppy too – the last time I saw it, it pissed on my leg and I wasn’t best pleased. I thought I could get my leg over so I sent her a picture of my third leg to turn her on. I followed that with what I thought was a sexy text, but sadly my iPhone saw to that and totally messed it up for me. I’m gutted because I thought that I was in there.”

Girlfriend Bridie refused to answer our calls but she did send us a message on Facebook. It read:

“Go away please. Before I call the police. No, seriously. I mean it.”

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