Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

A Newry man has told his wife a ‘full-time mummy’ that she now owes him £38,846 in back dated rent we can reveal.

The man who said he was ‘sick of her living for free under my roof’ said he has ‘had enough’ and has handed her a massive rent bill.

We spoke with the man who told us:

“I just done the math and over the years she has cost me about £950 a month. That is clearly more than she is providing for the home. She gets up around 12 to watch pre-recorded Jeremy Kyle then wipes a cloth over a few things to let on she cleaned the fucking house.

All the kids are grown up and have moved on, I mean, where else would you find this? Paying for someone to eat your food and live under your roof? I’ve offered her a repayment plan so I am doing everything I can here to be reasonable.”

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