Thu. Nov 26th, 2020


A Newry man has been described as ‘deranged’ and ‘insane’ after he was seen drinking bottles of Coors Light that mountain’s where yet to turn blue it has been confirmed.

Liam Smith said he didn’t even notice his tragic mistake while out meeting his friends on Thursday night in Bellini’s. Liam told Newry Spud:

“I didn’t even notice the mountains weren’t blue, I was just dying for a few drinks. It wasn’t until I started to get dirty looks from other people in the pub that I realised my tragic and terrible mistake.

I was approached several times by people asking me was I ok and did I need medical attention. Then one of my friends took me to one side and pointed out to me that the mountains on the bottles of Coors Light I was drinking were not blue and that I was making a cunt of myself drinking them in the present state.”

A Bellini’s spokesman has confirmed the incident and has apologised to Mr Smith for what they called a ‘refrigeration issue’ and have given him a voucher for a meal and a bottle of Coors Light.”

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