A man from Newry has been arrested for wasting Police time after calling 999 for an unnecessary reason.

Gerald O’Slaw called the emergency operator in a ‘distressed’ and ‘emotional’ state from the Friar Tuck’s restaurant on Monaghan Street.

The PSNI has released a transcript of the call in a bid to stop others from wasting police time in similar circumstances.

Mr O’Slaw was said to have asked for a chicken burger with extra coleslaw on it. This is when it all went wrong for O’Slaw and for the PSNI.

The Friar Tuck’s staff member explained they ran out of coleslaw and there was no possibility to get anymore. Mr O’Slaw immediately broke down in a ‘state of shock’ and when he realised he couldn’t do anything he called 999.

Officers rushed to the scene to find O’Slaw lying on the ground seemingly unable to speak and he was said to be ‘emotionally unstable.’

The PSNI arrested O’Slaw and released him on police bail. However a spokesman for Friar Tuck’s apologised unreservedly for running out of coleslaw saying:

“It was a sin against our principles. Friar Tuck’s chicken burgers should always be served with lashings of coleslaw and we are sorry to Mr O’Slaw for causing his mental breakdown and distress on this occasion. We will offer him a free strawberry milkshake next time he is in our restaurant.”