Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

A Newry man that tells his friends every weekend he’s ‘broke’ had to dip into his savings to buy a round this weekend it has been revealed.

JJ Warnock who was out with the ‘squad’ on Friday night claimed that ‘the woman had his wages’ and thought that the lads would pick up his tab as usual.

When the lads protested, it transpired that Warnock had to go to the cash machine and take out some of his substantial life savings in order to pay his way.

Mr Warnock spoke to Newry Spud today saying:

“Usually the old trick of saying my woman has the money works but the lads are getting sick of it now LOL. Anyway, I have a good few quid in the bank so I begrudgingly took out a tenner to bluff my way through the night.”

One of Warnock’s mates told us:

“That cunt squeaks when he walks he’s that tight.”

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