Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021

The city of Newry has successfully bid to be the filming location for the much anticipated Day OF The Dead: Bloodline, which starts principal photography in October Newry Spud can confirm.

The decision to choose Newry has been met with controversy as locals say the film makers are taking advantage of the small city’s struggling epidemic of drunken wankers leaving Bellini’s and Cobbles at the weekend.

What started off as a rumour has now been confirmed by the makers of Day OF The Dead: Bloodline, who says that the studio was on the lookout for a “backward Irish town with an abundance of drunken fuck-wits so Newry is perfect because we don’t have to look far to find zombie extras.”

Anyone wishing to be an extra in the new movie can just turn up around 2am outside Friar Tucks on Monaghan Street on any Friday or Saturday after the local pubs and clubs close, the best zombie looking Zombies will be picked to appear in the movie.

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