Sat. Jan 23rd, 2021

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Newry based Indian Restaurant Tinley Tandoori has decided to add warnings to some of their ‘more spicy’ dishes they revealed today.

The move comes after several people complained of serious pains in the bum region after enjoying a good meal at the restaurant. We spoke with the owner who told Newry Spud:

“We are worried that people might sue us because of our spicy dishes, we understand that some of the Newry folks can’t handle a hot and spicy meal but yet they insist on ordering one. So, with that in mind we have had to pre-warn customers of the effects these hot meals could have on them.”

It is though Tinley Tandoori are the first restaurant in Ireland to have warnings on some of their dishes.

We spoke with one man who had one of their curry dishes and he told us:

“Ahh Jaysus, it nearly fucking killed me. The heat of the fucking yoke, it wasn’t until later that night I found myself feeling hot and sweaty, I had serious ‘Ring Sting’ and it nearly blew my hole a mile wide. I’d advise anyone else who wants to get the hot curry to ask for a pint glass of water and pour the fucking lot on top of the food.”

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