Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020


A Newry Gym has included a novel new weight lifting regime for local ladies to take part in.

Not content with having strong core, abs and biceps? Then go to Bull’s Gym and work on strengthening your vagina.

According to the expert vagina weight lifter Joanne ‘Fanny’ Powers it is the new fitness craze taking over Ireland and Newry is at the forefront of the new phase.

“Yeah, it’s a pretty intense workout, basically we tie all kind of shit on to the clitoris and train our girls how to manage the weight and then they can go for it flat out.  We start them on something light like an orange or apple but by week 6 they will be swinging melons off their clits, awesome really.”

And Bull’s Gym has said they will be also starting a new class for the guys of Newry to work on their penis power, but they are concentrating on tightening up and strengthening the fanny’s of the city first.

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