Wed. Jan 20th, 2021


A Newry woman who let her friend look through her phone nearly had a heart attack after seeing how close her friend came to discovering her ‘extensive library’ of dick pics she gets sent from male admirers.

Olivia McAuley was showing her friend Megan Hughes photos of her weekend out but noticed her friend getting ‘too familiar’ with her phone and coming precariously close to her ‘cock nirvana’.

A visibly shaken Ms McAuley told Newry Spud:

“I nearly died when I saw how close Megan was coming to discovering my ‘cock shop’ on my phone. I have without a doubt a massive collection of dicks on my phone sent by creeps I meet on dating websites such as POF and Badoo and of course my favourite cock senders on Tinder. That’s the last time she’s getting her hands on my phone baah.”

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